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Virginia's Mission as Mentor & Teacher

Virginia’s mission is to ensure a flexible framework for artists to work together.  In her Artists in Bloom Community workshops and classes, her students explore visual ideas, vocabulary and challenges designed to encourage each artists’ growth and authenticity.

The theme of Virginia’s artwork is a relationship:  one shape to another, one value to another, one person to his work, one person to another.  It is in a relationship we find ourselves and, therefore, God. Painting becomes soul work as we evolve.

The idea of the lone artist working in isolation is romantic but historically inaccurate.

Virginia’s workshops, critiques, and feedbacks are productive, affirming and constructive.  The interplay and counterpoint of each artists’ works trigger the imagination and contributes to each other’s visual coherence.  Anyone who has survived life’s vagaries with a sense of humor intact has the soul of an artist and a community of like-minded people.

Engaging  in the  process of making art is at once healing and liberating. I teach strategies for seeing again for the first time and a methodology of approach to one’s work which encourages authenticity.

Value and design manifest themselves in every aspect of our lives and this planet.  Painting allows us the opportunity to process the experiences of life and co-create.  If you want to discover a new language, find an authentic voice or find a way to enlarge the range of your voice, then schedule a Workshop with Virginia Cascarilla. The only requirement is a positive attitude toward work and play.


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